BSN capstone project ideas

Do you have any ideas for a BSN capstone project? My areas of interest are health, nursing, medical. (any topic in these areas would suit me)

If you don’t know what is that. Capstone project is designed for you to create a paper that showcases the expertise and skills that you have acquired which relate in some way to your future career choice.

Thanks in advance.

2 Answers

  1. In fact, it is not easy to find a good topic for your capstone project. Here are a few BSN capstone project ideas for you:

    1. Care of the postpartum patient and critically ill obstetric.
    2. Effective nursing methods towards care of the older person.
    3. Improving infant health through supporting breastfeeding.
    4. Improving pain management among nurses in the post anesthesia care unit.
    5. Interventional program for the treatment of obesity among youth.
    6. Non-pharmacological management for the psychological symptoms of patients with dementia.
    7. Personalized approaches to sleep disorders management.
    8. Safe prescribing of pain medication for patients in recovery from substance use disorders.
    9. Survival tool development for neurosurgery practitioners.
    10. Use of nurse case managers in diabetic care.

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  1. Potential ideas for non ‘study’ capstone projects include:

    • Write a clinical case study (specific to nursing, medicine, pharmacy, public health or social work). The case study is most useful if developed as a teaching tool with a particular audience in mind (e.g. nursing case study for undergraduate nursing students or pharmacy case study for first year pharmacy students).
    • Author a clinical case study from the perspective of treatment in a resource constrained setting (potentially to be used as a teaching tool in the GH573 Clinical Management of HIV course).
    • Create a plan for a program evaluation for a particular agency (or conduct a portion of an existing program evaluation).
    • Develop health education materials for an agency.
    • Write a mock grant application or assist in writing a portion of an actual grant application (for example, you may write the literature review for a grant application). Mock grant applications should be done in the format of a well known granting agency such as the NIH. Examples can be found on the Graduate Certificate Program website.
    • Write a policy memo analyzing a particular program or intervention (e.g. for an NGO to use in advocacy efforts or to inform a representative from a ministry of health). In the past students have written memos on issues such as male circumcision.
    • Complete an internship at an HIV/STI clinical site. There are very limited internship opportunities. If you are interested in spending time at Madison Clinic or a community based agency, please meet with the Certificate Program Manager as early as possible to allow for ample planning time.
    • Write a paper exploring contextual aspects of HIV/STI (intersections between gender and HIV, analysis of international AIDS policy).

    Potential ideas for research-based projects:

    Note that any original research projects may require human subjects approval which can take several months to receive. If you are planning to conduct any original research you must meet early with your UW mentor, Program Coordinator and Program Director to plan accordingly.

    • Provide technical assistance to ongoing HIV/STI research studies (development of study instruments, interview tools, data analysis, field implementation, laboratory testing).
    • Submit data at a conference or write a paper to submit to an academic journal.

    UW mentor or Director of Certificate Program will provide you with more specific expectations for the project you decide to undertake.