Examples of autobiography for college student

I need to know how can i write an autobiography of a student, structure it and make it more interesting 🙂 Can someone share autobiography examples?

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  1. Here are some good ideas on how to start your own autobiography example, so that you grab readers’ attention right from the start. Any of these starters can make your autobiography uniquely interesting:

    • Start with some interesting details from your childhood (ask your mom about them): your first word, first steps, funny games, etc.
    • What profession did you dream of, when you were 5?
    • Find a famous or funny quote which matches your life position.
    • Recollect your earliest childhood memory.
    • Write the introduction part through the eyes of a 1-year-old you (for example, what a baby feels when s/he sees her/his parents, house and toys.)

    Autobiography Sample with Questions

    Basic information
    I was born and raised in California, which is called the Golden State or the state of opportunities. No wonder then that I started looking for opportunities right from the cradle. My mom says that my first word was “money”. Even though I have strong doubts that babies can be that greedy and I suppose that I actually meant to say “Mummy”, everyone in our family says that I am an inborn economist.

    Earliest memories
    My earliest memory is from my third birthday party, in 1995, when I fell in love with balloons, cakes and Joan. My parents say that Joan was truly my first love. She and I were unpacking toys and playing with coins from a money box. Even though I was only 3, parents and relatives gave me some pocket money for my birthday. I am not certain if three-year-olds can have any romantic feelings and are truly interested in money. Perhaps all parents are likely to see some extraordinary qualities in their kids.

    Who am I now?
    It is now hard to say if it was my parents’ influence, but as the years passed by, I decided to choose International Economics as my profession. Actually, when I had to make a choice of college, I already had no doubts.

    Life goals
    Now I am a student of Economics and I cherish the hope that my diploma will become my ticket to a better tomorrow. Certainly, I also dream of meeting a nice girl one day and building a family in the future. However, as of now, my study and professional development are my core goals.

    Most important life values
    The most important life values for me are my health and the support of relatives and friends. As a would-be economist, I must admit that everything else can be bought with money.

    One last thing you should know before you start writing your own autobiography samples is a couple of warnings to help you avoid common pitfalls:

    • Do not get lost in your memories and thoughts. As you start searching for information to include in your autobiography, make certain you know when you found enough and it’s time to start writing as well.
    • Avoid too much pessimism. Try not to start sympathizing with yourself: “Oh, poor me, I had so many hardships in my life.”
    • Do not use the style of a historical textbook. Avoid writing something like: “I was born in the year X. I went to school in the year Y. I entered college in the year Z.” Your reader can fall asleep in the middle of reading your paper. Try to make it lively and interesting.

    Now with these tips and example, you are forearmed and have excellent chances for creating good autobiography samples and receiving excellent grades for them.

    Here is another autobiography example: http://ask4essay.com/how-to-start-an-autobiography-about-yourself/#answer-232

  1. Be sincere and be yourself, because everyone likes that best. Do not wash your dirty linen in public, but feel free to share important information from your past. For instance, you should not write about your quarrels with a girl (boy) friend. However, writing about parenting style and traditions in your family can be a good idea.

    You can choose an original and unexpected perspective for telling your life story. Unlock your imagination and forget about any limitations when making this important choice. Feel free to use time travels or monologues of inanimate objects if you feel that this can intrigue your readers.

    Unless you are assigned a specific format, you can experiment with the form of your biography. For instance, you can choose a literature genre, such as a poem, a comedy or a tragedy and use this format. Alternatively, you can use an unusual structure, such as starting from the conclusion and including the rest of the parts later in the paper. Another option is writing a letter to your 5 years older self.

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