What do these words mean?

1. nah
2. umm
3. eh
4. ugh
5. pepe

5 Answers

  1. My interpretation would be as follows:
    Nah = I don’t agree …
    Umm = Uh oh, wait a minute! I haven’t got the mental agility to think that quick, so give me a moment to find something appropriate to say …
    Eh = Complete stop of all cognitive processes …
    Ugh = Geeze, I don’t like that sh1t …
    Pepe = A central defender at Real Madrid (had to look it up although I would bet that’s not what you were looking for)

    Kamilla Kamilla
  1. 1. No way!
    2. I’m thinking about it.
    3. If it has a question, like “Eh?” That means “What?”
    4. Ugh means not good. Ugly.
    5. Pepe, that’s a person’s name. Pepe Le Pew, that’s a cartoon character’s name. He’s French!

    miflan miflan
  1. 1. I don’t agree and I’m not interested enough to elaborate.
    2. Give me a minute, I’m thinking how to lie my way out of this.
    3. I don’t care either way.
    4. You’re stupid to like that
    5. Tinkle

    tysson tysson