Did your parents pay you for good grades?

I believe kids should be paid for good grades, because we get paid as adults for working why not pay kids for working at school. That’s what I hated about school. People expect kids to work hard at it and get good grades and there’s no reward. As adults we’re rewarded for working. That’s why I’ve always said I’d much rather work than go to school. Don’t get me wrong. I love to learn. I just hated being tested, grouchy teachers, and all the other negativity that went with it.

11 Answers

  1. I do believe that kids should be given incentive to earn.

    Good grades? I think it definitely should get rewarded. Bad grades should also be addressed. Not punished, but addressed. If something is off, and the bad grades show this, the kid needs to be paid attention to. Finding out why there is some block in the ability to learn is key here at this juncture, because the child is, in effect, preparing for LIFE. Life doesn’t pay you because you think you deserve it.

    Whatever it takes, the child is being short-changed if he is not taught the rewards of wanting to get good grades. Strive to achieve each and every day. That is it’s own reward. Making it fun by earning is a great idea.

    But to expect to make money because you got an A? That would not be incentive for me for long. It would be easier to get a job, if I made it that much of a grind, where it felt like work for pay, I’m going to want to make more pay for the work I am doing. I will quit and get a job or something. Many high-schoolers do drop out because of your attitude. Learn for the love of it and make it something that is WORTH money, that education of yours.

  1. The incentive for me was that if I didn’t get good grades and achieve, I wouldn’t get into a good college, and I’d never have a decent career. It is important to learn to survive in this world. As a child, your reward is getting a roof over your head and being supported and actually allowed an education instead of being forced out into the fields at a young age. Kids should not be bribed. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with little rewards when goals are met. In elementary school, we were given a pancake breakfast when we achieved all As while the other kids had to go to class. We were also given trophies at the end of the year. But none of that stuff really mattered because I wanted to do well anyway. Kids should be nurtured into learning and wanting to learn, not bought off.

  1. They used reverse psychology on me by punishing me for bad grades.

    Did that keep you from making bad grades? I was grounded for bad report cards in 5th and 6th grade but that didn't help any. I grew up with undiagnosed Attention Deficit. Punishment just made me hate school even more.
    I had to repeat 2 classes to graduate a year late.
  1. Hell no, I was expected to get good grades. I expected my children to also and they did get good grades, just as they were expected to clean their room, take baths and brush their teeth, it’s all part of what is expected not rewarded.

    My parents expected me to get good grades but I grew up with undiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder which caused bad grades to happen anyway. They're yelling and punishment just made it worse. They finally told me my grades were my business and school got easier. Oh by the way, the whole point of the question is as adults we are rewarded for the job we're expected to do while kids are just expected to suck it up and do what is expected with no reward whatsoever. My point is kids would have a more positive attitude if something positive came of their good grades. That's why I hear a lot of people say they'd rather work than go to school. Because of the reward plus not having to take it home with you (homework). Working is easier. Thanks for listening.
  1. The way it works with kids is that they keep trudging forward because they do not know how good it is to stop. It is called ambition. It is what keeps them trudging forward as adults. If at any point along the way you learn how good it is to stop, you are stuck in your life.

  1. Lol. No. There are other ways to give incentives. For instance, in grade school, kids had to get a certain number of reading points by the end of each quarter to go on a special free field trip.

    The field trips were Bowling/Skating Rink/Amusement Park in that order.

    I was a kid and I loved free fun so of course I did it. A lot of kids DIDN’T do it though–pure laziness–but I think an incentive like that will help.

    It has to be geared to what kids really WANT though, something that interests them. What is a 5 year old going to do with money? Eat it?

  1. Of course not – those things are not at all the same. Getting good grades does not generate profit so payment would only be gratuitous and unrealistic.

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