The Best Homework Help Websites For College Students

An unlimited number of educational materials are currently available on the Internet, so students can easily access and use them. Still, browsing the Web and gathering relevant and up-to-date information may be complicated and require specific search skills. At this point, a professional online homework helper will come in handy. Check the list of the most appreciated and widely used sources to find a suitable one. Irrespective of the subject you have problems with, you have a chance to get 100% quality assistance, complete confidentiality, dependability, and excellence.

Free Websites that Help You with Homework

When doing homework or helping your child with the study becomes confusing and frustrating, it's time to search for qualified help. Forget about the hours and days you spend in the library. Just browse the list of top 10 most appreciated and recommended sites that provide students with the required help.

1. Homework Help, Dictionary and Encyclopedia - Fact Monster

Fact Monster - Homework Helping Website

History, Psychology, Economics, Physics and many other subjects are available here. What does it mean? You can obtain the deepest knowledge about specific areas of science with the help of the free platform. It is one of the favorite services that cover the most actual, interesting and important topics. A great variety of interactivities and study materials may help students cope with their tasks and simplify homework.

2. Homework Helping Website - Free Math Help

Free Math Help

Once you have problems with exact sciences, like Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry, FreeMathHelp may be of significant assistance. The students can easily access the service and get a plethora of useful educational resources, freeassistance, explainers, instructional videos, guides and many more. Choose your grade, subject and help you need. Additionally, students have an opportunity to work with statisticsand improve their knowledge in this area.

3. Homework and Study Help - HippoCampus

HippoCampus - Homework and Study Help

One of the most influential and well-developed platforms helps its clients get necessary help with homework on different subjects, starting with English and Religion up to Chemistry and Biology. Discover the most exciting facts, get helpful educational resources and bring your learning process to a completely new level with Hippocampus. Make your studying process interesting both inside and outside school. Immerse into an exciting world of education with interactive videos, virtual labs, researches, and facts.

4. Online Encyclopedia, Almanac, Atlas, Biographies and Thesaurus - Infoplease

Infoplease - Education Website for Students

Daily updating facts, unique details, and interesting educational data are offered to all the students who are in search of information. Browse the service for more details. Check different categories and opt for the materials you need. All the educational material is categorized for easy search, so you can find the necessary information in the corresponding area. No sign up needed, just browse the website and get the most useful information. Complete your homework easily and with no stress.

5. Jiskha Homework Help Website

Jiskha - Free Help with Homework from Tutors

Jiskha is a quality homework assistant that helps students deal with complicated issues and work more effectively. An increasing number of educational content is published daily, so the most relevant and up-to-date details are available. Besides, the platform has a special homework help search, forum, and chat that simplifies the process and guarantees the best results. Enjoy the learning process and improve your grades easily with Jiskha.

6. Free Online Courses, Lessons and Practice - Khan Academy

Khan Academy - Website For Free Online Education

Are you ready to learn more, become a successful student, share your ideas with others and investigate new areas of knowledge? Then, KhanAcademy is exactly what you need. With a constantly updating database of educational materials, you will have a chance to enrich your knowledge and make learning interesting and involving. Different levels for various grades, useful materials for all students and free access to educational information are offered on the website.

7. Basic Math Problem Solver - Mathway

Mathway - Helping with Math Homework

Once your knowledge is not enough for solving difficult Maths problems, Mathway is the platform you can use. The service provides students with inevitable tools that may help understand the key principles of science and deal with homework easily and without extra assistance. Mathway is the best resource that is aimed at helping pupils, students and their parents with complicated homework tasks.

8. Automatic Math Solutions - QuickMath

QuickMath: Step-by-Step Math Problem Solver

What is the most difficult about Maths homework? Little information? No educational materials? Lack of assistance? Forget about these problems with Quickmath, as it is a beneficial platform that helps pupils and students solve Maths problems within seconds. Browse the website and find answers to the most complicated questions. The service is divided into several categories, including algebra, equations, inequalities, graphs, calculus, numbers, matrices and tutorials, so you can find exactly what you have been looking for.

9. Study Guides and Strategies Website - Educational Public Service

With the development of innovative technologies and the rapid development of Internet resources, doing homework is not as complicated as it used to be. StudyGS is a widely appreciated and time-tested homework assistant that also serves a learner-centric platform with lots of useful materials and educational resources on the most different topics. Any learner, irrespective of age, grade and educational level can get free access to success with StudyGS.

10. Computational Knowledge Engine - Wolfram|Alpha

Wolfram|Alpha - Computational Intelligence

Is it still complicated to cope with the homework you get? Do you need quality, professional assistance to deal with Algebra tasks or Chemistry problems? WolframAlpha is a unique service that provides its users with a top-notch knowledge base on the most different issues. The platform covers the most complicated issues and problems related to Mathematics, Technology, and Science, Culture, and Society, as well as everyday life. Impressive experience, only relevant research and its results, unique products, and instant access are the key advantages of the homework assistant. Join the team of successful students, who use the benefits of WolframAlpha to enrich the outlook and improve grades.

The Internet is an unlimited net with much more interesting websites that can help you with school or college homework. However, we have compiled the list of the most trusted and frequently used platforms appreciated by students. Key educational materials, extra information, results of recent research and other data are offered at these websites. Compare available options and select the most beneficial and convenient service that will help you deal even with the most complicated homework.

Most Common Questions About Free Homework Help

1) What is the best homework help website?

If you seek qualified help with your homework, PaperHelp is the right website to choose. It introduces a pool of specialists that deliver high-quality writing assistance and specialize in a variety of fields including chemistry, geography, math, physics, programming and other subjects.

2) What website gives you answers to homework?

When you have questions related to a particular science or subject, Chegg website may come in handy. It represents a book rental service making it possible to rent any scientific material or resource you need and find the answer to your question. Also known as Chegg Study, the service lets users submit a question within the local forum community and get answers from other students. The website also offers tutorials and guides in addition to professional tutor assistance delivered round-the-clock.

3) How can I cheat on my homework?

Whatever you do with your homework, you need to be 100% sure, you are not going to be caught. The situation with homework is simpler if compared to sit-in assignments controlled by the teacher or professor in the class. Of course, it does not mean you only need to copy an existing work or use the same answers as your classmates. Although homework requirements are a bit milder, students are still supposed to provide unique and plagiarism-free papers. So, here are some simple ways to cheat on your homework without getting caught:

  • Find the needed material on Google and re-write it using different phrases.
  • Copy answers from your friends and paraphrases them.
  • Hire a professional homework writer to complete the task for you.
  • Post your question on,, or
  • Do not use correct answers only, as your teacher might feel suspicious.

4) How much do I pay someone to do my homework?

The price for homework help may vary depending on the service you choose, the type of assignment, and some other factors. For instance, the price per page for any assignment writing on the PaperHelp website starts at $10. Solving math and technical problems will cost users form $15, help with multiple-choice questions costs from $1.

5) How can I get my homework answers online?

The fasts and simplest way is to use Google. You may simply type in the question and benefit from multiple results provided by the search engine. Some of those results may contain the answer to the question, as some tutors publish them online after the task is completed. Whatโ€™s more, homework questions are generally the same. So, the odds of finding the answer you need are very high.

6) Which sites can be helpful in doing homework?

It depends on the homework type and complexity. With so many different websites that offer homework help online, chose the right one can be a hassle. You need to be 100% sure, your task will be completed by the deadline featuring high quality. It will let you feel confident during the studying process. Those websites introduce a pool of professional online tutors along with tools to do the math online, get ready-to-use solutions, answers, and so on. In this section, we have reviewed 10 free homework help websites.

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