How to write a reflection paper?

Tell me how can i write it?

3 Answers

  1. “Reflection” papers are “snapshots of the moment”. It can be any moment as long as you choose the moment fairly enough so that your opposition will not accuse you of leftist bias (ending your career and placing you on every blacklist worldwide for life).

    You must give the reader a before scene, after scene, accurate historical worldview, and the full cause for the event.

    Unfortunately, politics can enter the equation with inexperienced writers.

    We want to see your wedding day, graduation, or the start of your career. We want to see your real feelings and sense what you underwent.

    We will not read it if we detect ANY HINT of a hidden agenda, but will make an addition to the blacklist, slip your submission into the SASE, and return it.

  1. The reflection papers you will be handing in to me are your chance to add your own thoughts and analysis to what you have read. I do NOT want you to summarize the readings – I already know what the content of the readings is. You don’t need to repeat them at me. What you SHOULD do is use the readings as a “jumping off” point to write on your thoughts about the reading.

    Reflection papers are worth 15 points each. You should be writing your reflection paper on the article of the week that was assigned for you.

    To get full credit for your reflection papers you should:

    • Make sure everything is grammatically correct, spelled correctly and makes linguistic sense.
    • Go into detail in explaining yourself and your ideas. I am looking for depth of thought in your writing. Show me you truly understand the concepts in the reading.
    • Don’t summarize the readings. You may refer to something in the reading, but I don’t want the entire reflection paper to be a summarization of the reading. Instead, comment on your thoughts regarding the reading – do you agree or disagree with what was written? Why or why not? Did the reading make you question or think about something else? What questions were you left with after doing the reading? Can you relate the reading to something going on in the media today? Does the author of a given reading have a valid and logical argument? If an article details a study that was done, was the study done in a manner that is valid?
    • Times News Roman 12 double space
    • Hand your papers in on time. I take 1 points off for each hour a paper is late. These reflection papers are only worth 15 points so if you hand one in 15 hours late, you won’t get any points.
    • Length of reflection papers should be at least 1 page at most 2 pages long. A 1 page paper should be extremely well-written and concise (in other words, not just rambling about nothing for the sake of getting a page worth to hand in).
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