10 Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools

Talking about plagiarism and its causes, it is inevitable to define the problem first. Basically, plagiarism is the use of ideas or words of other people without giving them proper credit. In fact, it is called cheating that is a great part of the problem. Another significant issue is the fact that most cheating/plagiarism is undetected. Consequently, the vast majority of students hand in their academic papers without any idea how to check an essay and avoid plagiarism.

So, why is it important to report plagiarism? Working on research papers is not just about learning existing materials but also about analyzing, investigating and making unique conclusions. The results of such researches are called intellectual property which has a pretty delicate nature. The main task of teachers is to encourage students to think logically, critically and originally. However, this is impossible in case the student is constantly scrutinized for inadvertent or intentional plagiarism.

Fortunately, with a plethora of modern technologies, everyone can easily check his/her paper for plagiarism. Is it expensive? There is an opportunity to find and take advantage of a free plagiarism checker for students. Despite the online market is filled with similar options, it is essential to be selective and opt for the platform that provides the customer with the best basic service and unique extra options.

Top 10 Plagiarism Detection Sites

Browsing the Internet, you will come across a variety of beneficial and affordable options, but keep in mind that you search for the leading software with trusted services, 100% confidentiality and reliable privacy policy. Here is the list of the most prominent and appreciated websites to check plagiarism:

1. Free Plagiarism Checker by StudyBay

Plagiarism Checker By Studybay

Irrespective of your motivation, type of paper you want to check and other circumstances, StudyBay is a trusted and reliable plagiarism detector. The platform offers professional tools that will help you spot and remove stolen information from your work. The process is simple and completely free. Just attach your file/copy the text, click one button and get a quality plagiarism report. StudyBay is a perfect way to predict the quality and success of your paper.

2. Free Online Plagiarism Checker - Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma - Free Online Plagiarism Checker for Teachers and Students

While plagiarism is a crime that can destroy your career, Plagiarisma.net is a platform that helps its users to achieve the desired academic success and eliminate any risks related to stealing or copying information from other sources. Thus, every student has a chance to check paper for plagiarism and deliver only high-quality, original essays. College and university students, pupils and even professors frequently use the toolfor their academic purposes. Upload an essay, research paper, dissertation or coursework, wait for several minutes and obtain your plagiarism report.

3. Free Tool To Detect Plagiarism

Plagiarism Checker - SearchEngineReports.net

Are you in search of aquality and easy-to-use plagiarism detector? SearchEngineReports is one of the platforms offering high-quality, dependable plagiarism check. Get instant results for free. Upload an essay or any other type of paper and get all the plagiarized sentences or paragraphs highlighted red, while the original text will be shown in green. You can make corrections on your own or use a free rewriting tool. What you can get is 100% unique, no-plagiarism text.

4. Free Plagiarism Checker for Students - PaperRater

PaperRater Plagiarism Checker

Once you are tired of trivial, poor-quality online plagiarism checkers, Paperrater will help you achieve the desired results with minimal effort. Copy and paste your essay in the corresponding box, get it analyzed and receive the result in several minutes. The unique software compares your paper to more than 10 billion different documents on the Internet to detect cases of plagiarism. The basic service is completely free, but users who want to get an extra grammar revision, as well as other helpful tools, need to get a premium subscription.

5. 100% Free Plagiarism Checker - Duplichecker

Duplichecker plagiarism software

What makes Duplichecker competitive in the modern market? Its super pack of beneficial, free and convenient tools. Text analysis, finding IP, web management, PDF converter, image search, and many other options can simplify your task and make your paper more professional. Available 24/7, the service turns into a personal assistant for those who want to avoid plagiarism and get 100% unique text. Additionally, every user gets an opportunity to benefit from premium-quality tools, such as plagiarism, paraphrasing services, free proxy list, malware tracker, backlink generator and many others.

6. Online Plagiarism Checker Tool - Copyleaks

Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker

With an advanced AI technology, every user gets an excellent opportunity to detect not only plagiarism but also paraphrased content. Copyleaks is a perfect tool for education and business. Confirm the uniqueness of your paper with a sophisticated, up-to-date tool. Maximal security of your information is guaranteed throughout the process. Consequently, the customer gets a chance to get the paperwork analyzed with 100% confidence.

7. Free Online Plagiarism Detector - SmallSEOTools.com

Plagiarism Checker by SmallSeoTools

SmallSEOTools is a modern platform that is used to detect all the instances of plagiarism within a specified paper. The tool is easy-to-use as you just need to copy and paste the content and click the “Check” button. This unique plagiarism checker is appreciated by millions of people due to its simplicity, affordability, convenience, and professionalism.

8. Online Plagiarism Checker - PlagiarismCheck.org

A Reputable Plagiarism-Checking Tool - PlagiarismCheck.org

Are you looking for a reputable, quality, no word limit plagiarism checker? PlagiarismCheck is one of the leading platforms that help users detect plagiarism and get unbiased results. With the advanced technology and unique similarity detecting algorithms, you'll get a chance to take the maximal advantage of this quality and professional tool. Advanced functions, downloadable reports, maximal confidentiality level, interactive results, and zero limits are preferred by the vast majority of clients.

9. Free Plagiarism Checker - Plagium

Plagium - Online Plagiarism Checker Tool

Detect and identify plagiarism instances with Plagium. The professional tool will analyze your paper and emphasize on all the similarities with other texts. Take the maximal benefit out of the platform and make your essay 100% original and plagiarism free.

10. Free Online Plagiarism Detector - FreePlagiarismChecker.pro

FreePlagiarismChecker.pro Plagiarism Scanner

This tool is a free plagiarism detector which will help you make all your texts unique and protect your writing. No matter if you are a student, teacher, copywriter or SEO specialist, this plagiarism checker is among the best ones out there. Be sure your essay, research paper, dissertation, article or any other type of written assignment and text content is 100% unique.

Simple Steps to Avoid Plagiarism

Copying or paraphrasing other works can be defined as plagiarism and criticized by teachers or business partners. However, there are lots of free tools that help find and avoid plagiarism. No doubt, such services offer beneficial options but, as a rule, they are limited. Strict limit of the paper length, no grammar or punctuation check, as well as a range of other drawbacks can be noticed while working with a free online checker.

Instead, plagiarism can be avoided by the use of top-rated, effective and 100% professional platforms. Grammarly is one of the most popular and widely spread plagiarism checkers. Not only students but also businessmen and professors use this tool when they need to ensure 100% originality and quality of the paper. The platform is available for free, but the set of functions is quite limited. Additionally, customers can get a premium subscription which guarantees a broad set of features, no limits in words and checks.

Definitely, working with school or college papers, free online plagiarism checker may be enough, while dealing with dissertations, business papers or other types of responsible information, you need to ensure 100% reliability and uniqueness of the content. Opt for one of the professional plagiarism tools, test its features, get a premium subscription, if necessary, and make your texts flawless. No plagiarism, no grammar mistakes, no punctuation inexactitudes, and other issues are guaranteed.