How to write an argumentative essay?

How to write argumentative essay for college.

3 Answers

  1. Set out what the “argument” is. Like Was Darwin right? Then give your arguments stating why you believe he is or isn’t. Point by point. Or set about the arguments you’re answering to and debunk the opposite arguments. Darwin was right because… Name the issue and why you disbelieve it. Be specific.

  1. “Argumentative” essays are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, thank God. But if you have been hownswaggled into writing one, here is the archaic (and still used) formula. Note that “arguments” presume that another writer will present separate arguments – that is what makes this type essay unique.

    1. Start with your opening argument. Say what you hope to prove. Briefly cite why your argument is sound and the opposition is either unsound or (in rare cases) in discredit. BEWARE THE “D” WORD! Use it only where you are ABSOLUTELY sure that the opposition is truly in discredit.
    2. Anticipate the opposition. Say what they hope to prove contrary to your argument, list them in your bibliography, and make sure that you note them all. Argue their case to the logical conclusion, and then disprove it, also logically.
    3. State the facts that support your argument, list them all in your bibliography, and disprove the opposition.
    4. Summarize: show what came out in the arguments pro and con.
    5. Follow the trail where it leads and do not be afraid to abandon a weak point.
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Psst... Stuck with your assignment? 😱
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