I’m doing a thesis, can you help me?

I am doing a thesis, I know you’re stupid like me, but can you help me explain this? ;))
Chart 1
Chart 2
Chart 3

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  1. What do you want to know?

    Chart 1 is showing us that market fluctuations are getting faster and more extreme as trading is open to the digital age and trades are made faster. there is no relation to debt. To an amateur investor it actually looks like healthy growth, until one realizes how much artificial stimulation is propping it up.

    Chart 3 is showing the typical market cycle as the fed raises and lowers the borrowing rate in an attempt to spur or stem growth while the world economy is effected by different variables.

    There’s really nothing novel or any connection you can glean from any of these charts.

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  1. Yes, I can answer your charting assorment. Your noticing a bear trend. Bear markets are where people get rid of what they have to get it back at a later moment for less than they are getting for that now. But because those have not put sweat and toil into getting what they are getting rid of they dont want it later cause, it means less.

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