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What should i write about a children’s activity pack to say that it helps the kids learn … I need a few sentences about 5!

4 Answers

  1. A good way to approach this is to indicate what the original level the student was at, how long the activity pack was used and how it was implemented, and then how much – specifically – the student improved as a result of using it.  That’s about 3-4 lines right there.

  1. It had to be tested at some point in order to ensure its legitimacy of action. Describe how the purchaser is going to benefit from what you have to sell.

  1. Children’s activity pack? Okay.

    Couch potato Olympics. This pentathlon has,

    Channel surfing (the most channels in a minute).

    Couch diving (find a set of keys that unlock something around the house).

    Pizza deliverer mob (how high does the delivery guy jump when the whole family attacks the door)

    Movie interruption (who can say “Here is the part where…” the last) and

    Advertising sprint (who can get to the bathroom first on the arrival of a commercial).

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