Easy evaluation essay topics for college

I need to write an evaluation essay on any topic… I have no idea what to write about! Just need some topic ideas!

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  1. Evaluation essay topics for you:

    1. The Problem of Acid Depositions in Industrialized Countries
    2. The Role of the American Civil War and Its Impact on US Further Development
    3. Ways to Cope with Illegal Aliens in the USA: to Let Them Stay Illegally, to Legalize Them, or to Find and to Deport?
    4. Technology Advancement: Benefits and Potential Risks
    5. E-communication Versus Human Interaction
    6. Healthcare Issue in America: Labor Shortages, Limited Access, and Quality
    7. Johnson and Johnson Production Versus Pfizer’s One
    8. The Role of Communication in the Modern Technical World
    9. Mental Health and the Prison System
    10. The Plague of the 21st Century: AIDS/HIV
    11. The Internet: Technology and Service
    12. The Impact Produced by Europeans on Native American Indians
    13. The Influence of Childhood on Further Personality Development
    14. The Role of the United Nations in International Politics
    15. Healthcare Reforms by Roosevelt and Clinton
    16. Andrew Carnegie and the Development of the Steel Industry
    17. Oil and Democracy: Corruption, Oppression, and Gross Income Disparity
    18. Pros and Cons of Animal Rights’ Movements
    19. Public Held Companies and Their Ethical Responsibilities
    20. The Overlapping Issue Faced by Today’s Management
  1. Evaluation essays may be dedicated personal appraisal of a people and their actions, fact, situation, or something else.

    The main key in choosing the right evaluation essay topic is its acuteness and relevance. The reader is not interested in reading about author’s trifles; instead, it is challenging to get acquainted with one’s evaluation of the urgent problem.

    1. Online relationships are very different from traditional, face-to-face relationships. Evaluate the quality of online relationships. Consider what role they play in people’s lives and how they compare to traditional relationships.
    2. Evaluating a recent season by your favorite sports team. You can evaluate how your team performed based on the expectations that were held at the beginning of the season.
    3. A review of a popular song this year. Whether it is a song you like or not, you could write an interesting evaluative essay about it. You could include the society the song is flourishing in, and why people like it. You will just have to make sure you are as objective as possible and go in to the paper with an opinion.
  1. Here are a few topics:

    1. Evaluate the effects of chain smoking and effects of alcoholism.
    2. Evaluate women’s soccer: How is watching it different than watching men’s basketball?
    3. Show how the bond of marriage is different from any other interpersonal bond humans can form.
    4. Evaluate why certain nude scenes in the movies are considered aesthetic while others are considered vulgar.
    5. Evaluate the latest version of one’s favorite technological gadget (like an iPhone, laptop, etc.). How is it better than the previous one, if it is better than the previous one? What changes mark the most difference?

    As to structure, evaluation essays have one golden rule and it sounds like this: give one main idea per paragraph and at least two supporting facts per idea. Stick to an unbiased tone that helps to insure objectivity, and do not dive into emotions too much. Evaluation essays do not presuppose it. On the other hand, logical sequence and logical ending to an evaluation essay are strongly recommended.

  1. An evaluation essay examines the object, and sometimes prompts readers to accept the writer’s point of view.

    As a writer, you should provide your readers with the information about the topic discussed. Usually, the writer provides the facts that will make audience accept his/her point of view.

    Several evaluation essay topics:

    – Evaluate the recent season of your favorite sports team. How did the team perform based upon expectations at the start of the season?

    – Evaluate a classic romantic movie and what it says about the roles of women and men during that time.

    – Evaluate digital textbooks and compare the experience of using them with using a traditional paper textbook.

  1. Here is a couple of evaluation essay topics:
    – Evaluate how well your football team did this season?
    – Which phone is the best for taking pictures?

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