Fast Food Essay

Hi, I’m writing a argumentative essay about the negative effects of fast foods. I need an interesting hook for my essay but could not think of one. What are some interesting fast food facts you know?
If anyone has links to research that prove the negative effects of fast foods? Сan you share them with me? Thanks

3 Answers

  1. In fact, most essays about fast food are focused on the aspects of harm, genetically modified organisms, the necessity to shorten the consumption of fast food, etc. Nevertheless, few students prefer disclosing the aspects of joy and taste.

    Surely, all the essays, including fast food essays should be critical and scientific. Nevertheless, the science of taste has not been studied deeply, hence, everyone has an excellent opportunity to arrange a small research and write a fast food essay on the matters of taste preferences within various groups of people.

    In order to write a fast food essay on the matters of preferences and tastes, a small research should be performed. Hence, people should be offered some questionnaires where they would describe their preferences, and define why they have made this exact order. The key interest points for the fast food essay will be as follows:

    1. How often people purchase fast food;
    2. What meals they prefer and in what time;
    3. How much they are ready to pay for fast food;
    4. Whether they would like to change their diet;
    5. How they treat the information on the matters of harm.

    These aspects will help to define the key research points for the fast food essay which will resemble a small research project. Hence, it will not be focused on the aspects that have been already discussed for thousands of times. It will reveal the interests and preferences of the visitors instead.

    This essay on fast food will be interesting for everyone: consumers and manufacturers of fast food. Additionally, this fast food essay will attract attention for its originality and unique research perspective.

  1. Nowadays fast food is a serious problem striking America. Our country is suffering the highest rate of obesity among all countries in the world.

    Students of high schools and colleges are involved into writing fast food essays in order to face this problem in writing before it approaches you personally in a real life.

    Outline of Your Fast Food Essay:

    1. The increasing rate of obesity sick patients for the past decade in a brief introduction will make a good start for your fast food essay. Outline how exactly fast food influences getting weight.
    2. Drawing attention to how many people choose fattening food to healthy one would make your fast food essay differ from the bunch of others. Here you ought to note reasons for that:
      • Fast food is much cheaper – money saving.
      • Its cooking takes less time than home-made healthy food – time saving.
      • Who is to blame in that situation?
    3. The fast food essay requires much more persuasive evidences. That is why I offer talking about margarine as a provoking factor of cancer, namely leucaemia. Describe how this very product is made and why people should better choose butter.

    Fast food essays are appointed to students in order to arouse social interest. Of course, you may choose any point of view for your fast food essay if you like grease hamburgers. Just remember that your fast food essay’s view on this may change someone’s attitude towards food.

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