How to write a business law essay?

I’m in my first year and I have no idea how to approach this task. I heard that college essays are somewhat different from what we get used to in high school. Can anyone advise?

5 Answers

  1. The first and foremost, you need to understand the task you received. Read the essay question several times and make sure that you fully understand the essay scope and purpose.

    There are several types of essays, ranging from argumentative to informative and cause and effect papers. All of them require different approaches.

    Argumentative essays require persuading the readers to share your position on the question. This type requires in-depth research and proper understanding of the problem. For instance, you may need to prove that certain legislation should be imposed or that certain business laws were good or bad. You will need to not only take a firm position, but also to discuss counterarguments (the opinion opposite to yours) and rebuttal (arguments that beat counterarguments).

    An informative essay may shed light upon the historical legislative processes influencing business sphere, without judging or evaluating them.

    Cause and effect essays look into the main reasons (such as precedents in business which led to new legislation) and their consequences for businessmen and other citizens.

  1. To write a business law essay, you need to properly cite certain laws or their parts. It is important to clarify what citation style should be used before getting down to work.

  1. A teacher here. All the recommendations above are really useful, but I would add starting early and receiving your instructor’s approval for your topic and preliminary outline. In this way, you’ll be able to prevent a lot of unnecessary trouble.

  1. Business law essays require careful analysis of the case in its complexity. My advice is to choose latest resources published within the last 5-7 years. Otherwise, even a good resource may contain outdated information that may ruin your essay.

  1. Laws regulate business like most of other spheres of life. Do you know that laws control almost all business aspects, starting from formation of a company to all kinds of transactions?

    If you do not want to plunge into complicated issues, your business law essay can give a general overview of business law. Yet, generalities may not satisfy your tutor. That is why business law essays can be narrowed down to:

    • Government regulations;
    • Socially irresponsible corporations;
    • Anti-trust provision.

    If you think your background knowledge is solid, more specific and sophisticated topics can be disclosed in your business law essay. A few more ideas for your business essay:

    • What do you think about an international business law? Do you want to know legal regulations for international corporations and companies? Then, it is quite a suitable topic for your business law essay.
    • What about business law in the Islamic world? Does it differ from that existing in other countries? Actually, it is different.

    So, your business law essay can be devoted to the peculiarities of running business in Islamic countries.

    Make sure that the topic of your business law essay is up-to-date and catchy.

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