Is writing simply a natural skill or is it an…

Is writing simply a natural skill or is it an ability that can be awakened and developed through training and practice? Or is writing a matter of whether or not you have the inherent talent?

3 Answers

  1. Every creative activity requires a natural talent that is controlled by the rules. In writing, if the writer has no knowledge of grammar, syntax and vocabulary, his/her writing would no be classified as communication and would have no value.

  1. Leftists seem to think that we are supposed to understand what they are getting at, regardless that it is couched in hidden metaphor. That only proves that leftists are unworthy of the printed page.

    So it is now, so it has always been, and so it shall always be, that leftists are unworthy of critique or discussion because they lack all pertinent knowledge.

  1. Writing is a skill that can be learned, like any other. Developing writing skills to the level of art may require some inherent talent, but anyone can learn rules and write successfully. I often work with people who can’t get published, but it’s because they have not learned enough or practiced enough.

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