Penalty within 24 hours after a paper is due

If the 24 hours after a paper is due causes a 10% late penalty, and the student turns it in the first hour that it’s late.

…shouldn’t the paper only suffer a .416% penalty for being late in only the first hour?

6 Answers

  1. It’s really up to the teacher who assigned the homework, and unless you have a reason for not being able to get it done on time, then you should be prepared to face the consequences of not turning it in when it was due.

  1. Nope … if the instructor told you before hand that late penalty is 10% for the first day … then it doesn’t matter if you are 1 minute late or 24 hours late. It is the instructors job to teach you and not sit there calculating how much the student who turned in 15 mins late lost and the next one who turned it in 1 hour late lost. If the student didn’t pay enough attention to the deadline to be on time, then face the penalty.

  1. Seems to me that the time spent figuring out how much to prorate such an event would be better spent making sure the paper was not late in the first place. :):)

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