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Okay, so I am writing a research essay on dust. I know it is a very weird topic, but I think there is alot i could write about and I believe it could turn intersting! Do you guys have any ideas i could include? Also, do you you have any speical writing outline you recommend for right research papers? My head has so much to think about and it seems like everything I am writing just getts jumbled in!

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  1. Perhaps you could narrow your topic just a smidge.

    What is it, exactly, about dust that interests you as a topic? Do you want to know its cause(s), its impact on the environment, how much money industry spends each year to combat dust, whether/how dust negatively affects electronic items (such as computers); etcetera.

    Once you’ve done that, I think it might be a bit easier to straighten out that writing jumble you’ve found yourself in.

  1. I think it would be helpful to narrow your subject a bit. Choose a specific aspect of the subject that interests you. Then begin your research. Using notecards is helpful and an outline is indespensable. Use a tried and true method to organize your thoughts. Roman numerals for main topics, followed by numbers to break each topic into managable pieces or sub topics. Follow each of these by a letter for facts that pertain to each sub topic.

    Example: I. Introduction

    II. What is Dust?

    A. What is it made of?

    B. Where does it come from?

    III. How dust effects people



    Have an interesting introduction. Something to hook the readers interest, to make them want to read on, but don’t be too folksy. This is a research paper, not a story, or letter. Stick to the facts and try not to put in opinions. Always finish with a clear conclusion. This is a place where you can show what you have learned, it should not be a rehash of the intro. Be sure to make a work cited page. Always give credit for quotes and information that is not general knowledge. Good luck and have fun with it.

  1. I agree with above posts in that you need to be a bit more specific about “dust”. Is it something that you are writing about that needs to be descriptive? Needs a storyline? whatever the case may be, you need a good structure and think about who your audience is going to be. Always be aware of who your audience is. Then start thinking about overal structure of your essay, how you will arrange your content etc.

  1. Possible topics to include in your paper regarding dust:

    • What is dust composed of?
    • How does dust effect individuals?
    • Are there adverse health effects to dust exposure?
    • Where does dust come from?
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