What gave rise to the Arts and Crafts Movement?

What do you think was the motivation behind the Arts and Crafts Movement?

2 Answers

  1. This Arts and Crafts Movement, a movement to promote Arts and Crafts by appropriate methods (for example, by using handcraftsmanship) originated in England. Arts and crafts existed in ancient times.

    Arts referred to all forms of arts such as painting, sculpture, music, poetry, architecture, dance and the like.

    Crafts referred to daily life skills of working with one’s hands such as spinning, weaving, pottery making and the like.

    Arts and Crafts Movement gained momentum in England when a group of designers who were dissatisfied with industrial mass-production gathered around William Morris (1834-1896) from 1881 to pursue Arts and Crafts using appropriate methods. These people included American artists and designers Charles Locke Eastlake (1836-1906), Philip Webb (1831-1915) and the Arts and Crafts Movement’s prominent figurest such as sculptor William George Richardson, artist/designer Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-82), painter Edward Burne Jones (1833-98).

    Arts and Crafts Movement spread to other countries as Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society (founded by Morris in 1887) introduced Arts and Crafts exhibitions overseas. Arts and Crafts gained such an impact that Arts and Crafts aesthetics prevailed for a long time until second half of 20th century. Arts and Crafts is still represented with renowned architects, artsits, designers and craftsmen carrying Arts and Crafts values.

  1. The Arts and Crafts Movement was a social movement that originated in England in the 18th century. Its purpose was to promote craftsmanship and the enhancement of the arts in England. It was an important part of the Enlightenment movement, which began in Europe during the 17th century and spread to America during the 18th century. It was also pivotal in the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian Age.

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