Where can I find Harvard Business School case studies solutions?

I’m looking for case analysis or HBS case study solution examples, preferably including identification and analysis problem, alternative solutions, plans for implementation and final recommendations. I’m looking for strategic management case studies with solutions, marketing case solutions, HBR case study solutions and basically all business case solutions, especially harvard case studies but also others like Ivey.

6 Answers

  1. Unfortunately, the main idea of Harvard Business School education is to make students proceed with their own research and analysis. In other words, finding an already published solution might be a tough challenge. As a rule, students discuss each particular case inside the class. What’s more, a single discussion may consist of several sections depending on the issue’s complexity. Each person is supposed to offer his or her unique decisions and solutions, which means hundreds of opinions developed throughout the course of action.

    The key problem here is that the majority of outcomes are generally not written down. They mostly introduce specific students’ solutions. It does not mean all of them may have sense, although they still may contain important problems explained. In most cases, students have to deal with data and analysis generated by themselves to discuss with other classmates and eventually come up with a single solution.

    Summing up, HBS solutions cannot be standardized. They are unique.

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  1. Even if you manage to find a ready-made solution, it does not mean it will suit your particular case, I have a huge experience of working in a class while studying a variety of cases. I can say for sure, you will never find the thing that might be called a proper solution for your specific situation. Every case is unique. What’s more, each of them may have a variety of outcomes that do not always affect the process of decision-making.

    The best way to work out a matching solution is to study it together with a class. Students will have a chance to overview real-life situations that a specific case may adapt. To arrive at a certain decision, it will take you time to analyze, generate data, and find the right answer.

    Finding a ready-to-use solution will prevent students from clarifying the core issue of the case. Knowing does not always come with understanding. General principles will have no sense in case of a more specific matter. Teaching is a good alternative with a chance to work out a real-life experience that can be used later under real-business conditions.

    Whatever you do, make sure you pass through the education process.

  1. You might find the odd discussion (solution is really the wrong word, since Harvard Business School cases are designed to elicit discussion precisely because there is no simple solution) but there is no comprehensive source.

  1. DoDots Case Study Solution

    Question – What are the pros and cons of debt financing for the company?

    DoDots has multiple options to finance the company. One of the options is to use debt financing. One of the pros to debt financing is the timing. The timing was not right to have an initial public offering. DoDots was too late for equity financing, the internet stocks were not able to obtain the large equity amounts of internet stocks from the previous year. Investors are not as interested in IPOs of internet stocks, and that will make it difficult to raise the true value of the company thru an equity offering. An equity offering should be kept an option, just not at the current time, the option should be kept open for the next couple years. History has proved that it took until 2003 for the IPO market to heat back-up, and it became very hot in the summer of 2004 with the Google IPO.

    Another pro for the debt financing was the founders were able to keep full ownership of the company. If they were to do a IPO, they would lose the share of the company that they offer to the public, diluting their ownership. It is a benefit to the founders to keep full
    control of the company when it is in the start-up phase. There are a lot of directions this company can go, and the founders will be able to steer this company in the right direction.

    One of the cons using debt financing for DoDots is the length of the loans are short. History proved that it was very difficult for internet companies to become profitable in the short-term, so paying back loans in as short as 36 months may not be possible with out obtaining more debt. The interest rates are very good for a start-up, DoDots will expect the annual interest rate to be around 10%.

    It is also important for DoDots to keep an open line of credit with the bank, or with multiple banks, so they will have excess cash if needed for growing the company. This proved to be a time of consolidation in the internet sector, and they will need to have cash on hand in order to obtain companies if the right company is for sale at an extreme discount. They also need to have enough cash on hand to thwart a buy-out.

    The open line of credit is important if the company can not get a second round of financing. If they are able to keep the line of credit open over several years after the original loan expires, they will be able to obtain financing thru the line of credit. But if the company is successful, they will be able to obtain an additional loan, and the line of credit will not be necessary.

    Another pro of debt financing is if they obtain enough debt financing for 3 years (the estimated amount of time needed for the technology to reach the market), then they can cash out with an equity offer. This may be the best case scenario for the founders. The founders would be able to steer the company thru the growth phase, then take the company public and cash out if needed. However, that depends on if the company is successful.

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