How to write an analytical essay?

I need to write an analytical essay on double-career families. What should I do in this task? I have some ideas on this topic, but I’m not sure how to make this essay analytical. Anyone please help.

3 Answers

  1. The generally accepted approach to analytical writing is to divide a whole into parts, then synthesize them back into a whole and see how they work together. As to your topic, you may want to analyze the pros and cons of double bread-winners in one family. Then try to explain how the different aspects are interrelated and work together.

  1. I always get 80s+ on my essays. And I do have a life in college, except of my homework. Here’s how I achieve this:

    • I always polish my introduction. Teachers do not confess, but they often judge your writing by this first impression produced by the first introductory paragraph. I ty to grab their attention by including a hook, such as a quote, shocking stats or an anecdote.
    • I always try to make my paper look perfect. There’s no pain in making nice and neat margins and properly using citation styles.
    • I start a new paragraph for every new idea. Dividing writing into meaningful units makes it more pleasant to read and look more logical.

    In this way, even if I don’t make the content of my paper perfect, my essay is an eye candy and the teachers, impressed with it, do not deduct too many points.

  1. There is no quick ways to quality analytical writing. Just like with analytical thinking, analytical writing requires effort and concentration. The first step should be brainstorming and preliminary outlining. The next step is collecting relevant sources.

    If I am reluctant to write my essay, I push myself by doing it one small piece at a time. First, I write a detailed outline, using full sentences. Then I add a couple of sentences to each section and voila soon enough I have my essay completed. It’s important to watch your word count. I always count how long each part of my essay should be. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending too many words on the first section and having only a couple of sentences left for every subsequent section.

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