What is a good topic to write a research paper about?

I need a topic to write about and I want a topic that I can write a lot about. My professor said to find an interesting topic that will surprise my audience.

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  1. The most important thing about writing a research paper is to spend the extra time and effort to choose the subject carefully. More time up front means less time doing the work. There are 2 important factors in selecting the subject for the research paper. The first is to pick a subject that the professor knows nothing about. That way he will only know what you tell him. The second thing is to pick a subject that can only be done through literary research. No lab work, surveys or anything that will take a lot of time and may produce difficulties. So, think about subjects that are close to you course, but not included in the course work. Go to the library and look at the journals, etc. and you will see something. Then look at the amount of library material available to make a research report out of it. The rest of it is easy.

  1. Write something you want to learn about. When you do that, you will be motivated to do the work it takes to write a research paper.

    Brainstorm and make a list of things that pop in your mind.



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  1. I think it should be something that would be fun for you to learn about?

    I don’t know what floats your boat.

    What are you interested in?

    Tell them how to make a pizza. By an Italian. Talk about how different regions make it differently. What ingredients are indigenous to each region. Go nuts.

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  1. Global Warming, I did a presentation on it, and even made a bet with the audience that they would feel its presence before year end. That was in 2014 Hurricane Sandy proved me out.

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