Any ideas about what to include in a 15 minute speech about bras?

My college speech class is on break and I need to get a 15 minute speech ready by the middle of next weak. My speech teacher had the bright idea of having everyone write down something random and some immature guy must have written it. I drew the paper out of a hat and now have to give a speech on bras. I was thinking giving some history of the bra and also posted a few questions on here to use as well.

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  1. The well known “fact” that feminists burned their bras outside the 1968 Miss America pageant in Atlantic City might be interesting.

    Except they didn’t.

    According to an article in the Press of Atlantic City, members of a group called New York Radical Women did show up raring to burn stuff – including, evidently, their brassieres – but city officials talked them out of it.

    Instead, the feminists dumped items like high-heeled shoes, bras, false eyelashes and issues of Ladies’ Home Journal into a “Freedom Trash Can.” They paraded a lamb outside Convention Hall and held up signs with such things as “Welcome to the Miss America Cattle Auction” written on them. Inside Convention Hall, demonstrators set off stink bombs during the pageant and unfurled a sign reading “WOMEN’S LIBERATION.”

    Some people still insist they’ve seen photographs of women burning their bras and I suppose there’s some slight chance they have. But it wasn’t in Atlantic City, and it wasn’t in 1968. Historians are pretty sure it never happened at all.

    I also need to include a couple of questions I have asked and share some of the answers. I have asked a few questions on this website, but have not received many answers. Any ideas for some good questions to ask about bras? Thanks for your help so far.
    Not really. It seems a very odd topic for a college speech. Not sure what the benefit would be to anyone.
  1. You might include some funny quotes about “The Mansiere”

    – “You want me to wear a bra?”
    – “No, no, a bra is for ladies. Meet the Bro!”
    – Frank and Kramer, in “The Doorman”

    – “You’re not having dinner with a bra salesman!”
    – “He only sells them, he doesn’t wear them.”
    – Frank and Estelle, in “The Doorman”

    -“Bro’s no good. Too ethnic.”
    -“You got something better?”
    -“How about the Mansiere?”
    -“That’s right. A brassiere for a man.”
    – Frank and Kramer, in “The Doorman”

    “I lived with him for forty years, I never saw him trying on my underwear. As soon as he leaves the house he turns into J. Edgar Hoover!”
    – Estelle, after seeing Frank trying on the Bro, in “The Doorman”

  1. Start with a short history, taking pointers from this:

    History is important: bras have been used because the breast has no muscle but only fat and therefore if not supported they will lose firmness.

    Bras used to be mere cloth, elastic came later and revolutionized bras.

    Then maybe go to sport bra development

    Then to the 2 extremes: burning bras( as mrs cleaver put the article there and onthe other hand “push up bra” to shine more….

    You can get a 15 min speech together easily.

    Read those articles and get the main points.

    And it with a tasteful comment about: burning bras on the one hand and bras for pushup or artificial breast enhancement.

  1. Include how hard it is for a guy using only one hand to undo those hooks and eyes, also in the fifties how erotic were those bullet bras, and how many young kids used their Moms as a slingshot, your choice is a toughie, but I hope I have helped!

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